Can I eat carbs on a ketogenic diet? And If so, When?

This is a question I get a lot because let’s face it, carbs are delicious!

And carbs also do some pretty important things for our hormones, muscles, and metabolism so we don’t want to avoid carbs entirely.

But the catch is a ketogenic diet is kind of an all or nothing approach.

To get into and stay in ketosis and enjoy the fat burning and energetic benefits you must consume 70% of your calories from fat and only 5% from carbs or you get kicked out of ketosis.

But there is a way to eat carbs while on a ketogenic diet that will not ruin your diet but actually enhance your results-not to mention, make it more enjoyable to stick with for the long run!

How and when to eat carbs on a ketogenic diet:

the first thing you must know is that when adopting a ketogenic diet for the first time you’re going to have to stick with it very strictly for 14-30 days depending on how fit you are.

This is because your body needs time to figure out whats going on and build the metabolic machinery in order to learn how to burn fat in the absence of carbs for the first time.

After your initial induction phase of strict keto you can start cycling in carb re-feeds at set intervals and proportions to enhance your keto diet.

All that means is you are picking one strategic time, like 1 cheat meal per week-perhaps dinner and drinks with friends on Saturday night- to enjoy a large bolus of carbs guilt free.

Then you simply revert back to your ketogenic diet the next day and for the rest of the week until its time for your one cheat meal next Saturday.

Why “Cycling Carbs” on a ketogenic diet is awesome:

When you allow a strategic carbohydrate refeeds in your ketogenic diet you enhance your diet by resetting hunger hormones and boosting metabolic hormones that enhance muscle building, sex drive, and confidence and “get your carb fix” so that sticking to a keto diet for the rest of the week easy.

Not only that but it makes sticking to your keto diet easier for the long run so you can always look and feel phenomenal!

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To your health,