In every human endeavor there inevitably emerges a hierarchy.

At the top are the 1%, the ultra-wealthy like Jeff Bezo’s, the champion athlete like Lebron James, the super genius like Stephen Hawking…

And yes in health and fitness there is the 1% too.

You know the types, your annoying friend who stays fit, looks great and has tons of energy all the time in spite of having all the demands of family and career that everyone else has!

ARRRG! it can be frustrating to watch how easy they make it all look.

Do the 1% simply have amazing genetics, more time, less stress, or the means to hire dieticians and trainers?

Sometimes, but more often than not its because they know the secret that the 99% do not!

Yes, there is a secret that the fittest, healthiest, longest-lived people know that the other 99% have no clue about…and I’m about to reveal it here.

The secret lies in a well established cognitive bias and it’s sabotaging your fitness goals and you don’t even know it.

It’s called  “hyperbolic discounting”.

Hyperbolic Discounting is defined like this:

“Hyperbolic discounting is a cognitive bias where people choose smaller, immediate rewards rather than larger, later rewards — and this occurs more when the delay is closer to the present than the future.”

a well-known statistic in the health and fitness world confirms this: “The average American will attempt a new diet or workout program every 10 weeks.”

In spite of the fact that almost all Americans go on a new diet or exercise program every 10 weeks, 50% of the country-approximately 150 million people- are overweight or obese and dropping like flies from 100% preventable lifestyle diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes!

Just look at all the marketing you are likely bombarded with every day toting the fast weight loss, or muscle gain results you will get by using a fad diet, workout or supplement.

The 6-week body transformations, the fat burning pills, the extreme diet’s and cleanses that drop 10 pounds in a week.

The reason the 99% cant get into shape is that we consistently choose smaller short-term rewards at the expense of greater long-term rewards!

What the 1% know about fitness that you don’t…

The 1% of people in the world who are healthy, happy and look great for life choose to eat diets and adopt exercise programs that are sustainable for the long run.

NOT 6-week body transformation
NOT getting ripped in 90 days
NOT extreme cleanses and zero carb diets
NOT miracle pills, powders, and potions

But easy to stick with, moderate approaches to diet and exercise that they can stick with FOR LIFE!

That’s the secret!

So the next time you’re considering a diet or workout program ask yourself, “can I see myself doing this for the foreseeable future?”

if the answer is no, your wasting your time and falling victim to hyperbolic discounting.

To be in the 1% of healthiest happiest people in the world you have to rise above your animalistic impulses and think like a rational, objective human being or you will never achieve your fitness goals, period.

Hope that helps,
Paul Corral

P.S. when its time to rise above the hype and do what really works now and forever, come talk to me, I’ll be happy to put you on the right track. you can learn more about me and my studio here.