Keto or the ketogenic diet seems to be the latest “fad diet” so in this short email I will explain what the keto diet is, who its for and who its not for.

What is the ketogenic diet?

the ketogenic diet is an extremely low carb diet-less than 50 net carbs per day-consisting of high -70-90% -fat and moderate protein-10-25%.

Its called the ketogenic diet because in the prolonged absence of glucose-a.k.a. carb- your liver uses fat to create ketones that your body burns as energy.

As a side note, the ketogenic diet is nothing new, it has been used in clinical settings for cancer patients and those with autoimmune diseases with great efficacy.

Bodybuilders have also been using keto diets since the 60’s to get down to 3% body fat for bodybuilding competitions.

Why is the keto diet so popular?

Latelly the ketogenic diet has become popular with two types of people.

Those who have found it near impossible to lose weight using every other diet under the sun and…

Those who want to optimize their cognition and energy to kick more ass at work.

So who should use a Ketogenic Diet?

The people who should use the ketogenic diet for weight loss should fit into one of two categories.

The first is those who find it impossible to lose weight, even when eating “healthy”. For you the ketogenic diet will finally allow you to lose weight by resetting insulin sensitivity and allowing your body to learn how to burn fat!

The second group who should use the keto diet for weight loss is those who love savery foods like steak and butter and don’t mind giving up carbs or sweets if they get to replace them with bacon!

The third group who should use the ketogenic diet is entrepreneurs and high level executives who need to be energized, sharp and focused during every minute of your 12-15 hour work day.

Due to the near endless caloric supply both body fat and dietary fat can provide, your brain always feels “turned on”, you don’t feel groggy in the mornings and you never hit the mid afternoon slump!

A Word of Caution!

Doing the ketogenic diet, even for a limited amount of time requires that  you stick to the plan to a “T”! Your body can operate optimally on a high fat low carb diet.

However, your body will destroy itself if you eat both high fat and high carbs/sugar at the same time-a.k.a the standard american diet!

So if you decide to try the ketogenic diet, do it right and don’t cheat!

Due to the incredible fast weight loss results I have seen with two clients of mine recently-case studies to come- and the incredible energetic and cognitive enhancement I have personally experienced, I’m thinking about opening up a “beta program” for 10-15 people who want follow a keto diet and 3 day a week workout program and see what kind of “extreme” weight loss and productivity they can experience in 30-days of keto.

If thats something you might be interested in, hit reply to this email and simply write “Keto!” to be put on the notification list.

To your health,
Paul Corral