What is “intermittent fasting and is healthy?

Does it work for weight loss?

Won’t it crash my metabolism and make my body go into “starvation mode”  and make me fat!?

All good questions so let’s answer them right now…

What intermittent fasting is:

As the name implies your simply abstaining from eating for a specified amount of time on a regular basis. The most popular variations are:
-16/8: fasting for 16 hours and eating within an 8-hour “feeding” window in a 24 hour day.
-once per week 24 hour fast:  picking one day a week and simply fasting for 24 hours, usually from dinner one day to dinner the next day.

Is it healthy?

YES! there have been numerous studies on fasting and nearly all confirm that fasting is the best way to “detox” the body-way better than silly juice cleanses.

Fasting also up-regulates favorable hormones that keep you young like HGH or human growth hormone.

Fasting also lowers insulin levels, reestablishes “insulin sensitivity” and nutrient partitioning, which is a fancy way of saying you burn fat fast and use the food you do eat to fuel lean muscle and cell repair rather than storing it as fat.

Which leads to the third question…

Will fasting put your body into starvation mode and cause you to hold onto fat?

NO, in fact just the opposite, you will burn fat as a primary fuel source wile fasting making losing and keeping off undesirable weight much easier!

I wanted to share the idea of intermittent fasting with you because it’s been an integral part of my own Ketogenic diet experiment and when it comes to losing fat fast, I simply have not seen anything else work this well in 17 years of personal training.

If you’re interested in learning more about using intermittent fasting or “if” as a diet strategy, hit reply to this email with the letters “if” and I’ll write up a full q&a for all the Ventura active lifestyle readers.

To your health,