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You know what you SHOULD be eating but when those sugary, savory, salty foods are staring you in the face every day all day, sooner or later you crack!

Its almost impossible to stick to a diet with all the tasty processed non-food out there that is soooooo good in the moment but makes you feel fat and ashamed the moment you finish eating it!

So how on earth are you suppose to have the discipline to eat wholesome healthy meals day in and day so you can finally acheive your goal of having a lean strong energized body?

There’s a secret that all fitness pro’s keep closely guarded and I don’t know why, because its a game changer.

After you know this one secret, you will find so easy to eat right 80% of the time that your fitness and weight loss goals become easy and require almost zero discipline!

In my close to 20 years of helping literally hundreds of Ventura residents get into the best shape of their lives I find that eating right is both the hardest part for most people but also the one thing that gets the quickest results!

So whats the big secret?

The big secret is that myself or any other fitness pro out there don’t have more disapline than you when it comes to their diet!

Nope the big secret that we have discovered is that it has nothing to do with discipline at all!


Yup, zero! Instead you must create an environment where eating right is easy and eating wrong is time consuming and inconvenient!

In other words, your creating a favorable environment for eating right, instead of having to use discipline!

How Do You Pull That Off?

Simple, When you go shopping for food, have a list of ONLY healthy whole single ingredient foods on the list, buy them and NOTHING else.

This way, you only have healthy foods in the house and if you want to cheat you’ll have to leave the house and drive some were, whip out your wallet and buy those naughty cheat foods.

You see, you make the right choices your only choice at home, giving you zero temptation and zero discipline needed to stick with your diet! By making bad foods time consuming and inconvenient to have, you eliminate them from your life easily!

So What Should Be On The Shopping List?

Below is a simple shopping list you can copy and paste and take with you to the store.

You will notice its organized into categories according to what micronutrient particular foods provide fro you. This is the best way to think of your food-as fuel!

Shopping list:







Healthy Fats:

olive oil

mct or coconut oil


raw seeds and nuts

Healthy Carbohydrates:

Whole fruit




potato’s/ yams/ sweet potato’s



go local, organic and seasonal from your farmers market

go for the produce isle and enjoy a wide variety of colorful fibrous veggies

or grab frozen organic veggie mixes from trader joe’s

So there you have it Ventura peeps, That is the one habit you can do once per week that makes sticking to your diet require zero discipline!

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