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There’s a lot of hype and trendy workout programs out there these days and you may be confused about the best way to reach your goal of building a lean strong energized body you really want.

Well, I’ve been doing this health and fitness coaching thing here in Ventura for almost 20 years now and I’ve seen every trend to come along.

I’ve wasted countless YEARS experimenting with every workout under the sun, and you know what?

99% of it was a waste of time and effort!

But it was worth the time, effort and injuries I sustained so that I can help my personal training and fitness boot camp clients avoid the same fate, and get in shape in record time without spending hours a week in the gym!

Through it all I discovered 5 fundamental movement patterns of the human body. Thats right, just 5!

So many well meaning people think it takes a huge list of complicated movements and exercises to get the body and health they want.

This is WRONG!

There are only 5 movements you must do if you want rapid body transformation results with shorter workouts that you can sustain as part of your life for the long haul.

The 5 fundamental Movements for a lean strong body

movement 1: the hip hinge or deadlift variations

The hip hinge or simply bending over and picking something heavy off the floor is my number one most importnat movement!.


Because it works every muscle in the back of the body from heels to the head! your hamstrings and glutes will look amazing your lower back will be strong-ache pain and injury free, your upper back will be strong and give you great tall confident posture.

And if your at all athletic, you know how important the “rear chain” is for explosive power and brute strength!

Movement #2: Upper body Pressing

Upper bod pressing movements tend to be a favorite of my clients. My female clients love the firm muscle they build on the back of the arms and shoulders. My male clients love to see their chest and arms get bigger and more muscular.

Thats because upper body pressing movements like chest presses, push-ups, shoulder pressing and dips work the tricep, shoulders and chest better than anything else.

And again, if your an athlete you need these explosive muscle STRONG!

Movement #3: Squat/ Lunge Variations

The act of squatting down to the ground or lunging are quintessential human movements! Theres no wonder why these movements make your legs, lean strong and hard as rocks!

Squatting patterns literally work strengthen and tone every muscle group below the waste, so if you want killer looking explosive athletic legs, SQUAT!

Movement # 4:Upper Body Pulling

Aw yes the all mighty row and pull-up! These movements work the most muscle in the upper body period!

If you want toned arms and shoulders, eliminate back fat, muscular biceps and great posture and ache pain and injury free shoulders make these upper body pulling movements a staple of every workout!

Upper body pulling can include many rowing and pull-up or pull down variations giving you a lot of variety to work this key movement pattern.

Movement #5 Core Bracing Anti-Movements

When it comes to the core almost everyone is doing it wrong. most have been brainwashed to believe that you need to do hundreds of reps of crunches, sit ups and side bends.

non, no, no!

The cores main job is to create a strong link between the lower and upper body to facilitate the efficient transfer of energy from the ground to the hands!

That is why core bracing such as planks, and weighted carries are the most productive core exercises you can do.

Not only do they work better than sit ups but they make your torso look leaner and sexier than sit ups and they make you a more athletic solid athlete!

So there you have it all my beautiful Ventura people! Listen if you want my help getting your workout dialed in for maximum results in minimum time you click the button below and learn more about my personal training and fitness boot camp offerings here in beautiful Ventura California! In fact we are located right on main street just one block form Ventura high at 1910 e main st.

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