Why would endurance athletes strength train? That doesn’t make sense right?


If your recreational and especially if you’re a competitive endurance athlete, strength training will be your competition beating secret weapon!

Allow me to explain.

Top endurance athletes are turning to strength to dominate the competition and decrease their times dramatically.

As counter-intuitive as it may sound, it makes perfect sense.

The more maximal strength you have, the more ground you cover with each stride, stroke or peddle. You will have greater endurance-especially on steep or long climbs- because you will have more power in reserve because you’re simply operating at a lower percentage of your maximal output than your competition.

Makes sense now doesn’t it!

But we must make sure your strength training the right way to increase speed and endurance.

I have seen too many endurance athletes follow the seemingly logical path of doing light weight and high reps in the gym.


training with light weight and high reps will not increase your maximal strength, fatigue your muscles, make you sore and dimish your performance!

As counter-intuitive as it may seem you want to train with challenging weights and do fewer low rep sets.


Because for an endurance athlete you want to increase strength without putting excess weight on your frame or beating up your muscle so much it takes away from your endurance training and performance.

I recommend working with 80-90% of your one rep max for sets 2-5 rep sets, using only compound lifts.

This will build your maximal strength fast without building heavy excessive muscle and making you sore and taking away from training runs, rides or swims.

BONUS TIP: If you run or ride the best exercise you should be doing that will make you faster is the trap bar deadlift, it perfectly strengthens the legs to increase the power of every stride and peddle.

Hope that helps, Hit reply if you have any questions,
Paul Corral