In no other area of life do we receive as much contradictory advice as we do with diet.

The old school says eat lots of whole grains and keep fat low to be lean and healthy.

The new way of thinking says, eliminate carbs and eat plenty of fat to lose weight.

Who’s Right?

No one, and everyone!


Allow me to explain…

both fat and carbohydrates are sources of energy for the body.

The difference between carbs and fat is the type of activity they fuel.

Long steady lower intensity activity favors a fat burning metabolism while short  intense bursts of activity favor a carb burning metabolism.

So if your a lean very active athlete who is in a constant state of training and recovery your better off eating a low fat high carb diet.

If your like most people with day jobs who are not very physically active a low carb higher fat diet is ideal.

Then there are the in-between cases, the “active-couch potato” or those who are sedentary most hours of the day while at work but like to hit the gym for 30-60 minutes 3-5 days a week.

The best approach for this kind of person is to eat higher fat, lower carb during the day at work and eat higher carb lower fat meals around or post workout.

So you see, high carbs and high fat diets can both work, it just depends of the individual in question, body composition and activity levels.

Hope that helps, feel free to hit reply if you have any questions,

Paul Corral
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