how’s it going Paul Corral here and in this video I’m going to be talking about the number one thing holding busy professionals back from achieving the health and fitness goals they’ve always wanted to achieve but can’t quite seem to get there and how to overcome that!
Okay because this is something I see over and over again if you’ve ever embarked on a health and fitness journey you’ve probably worked out really hard you’ve probably tried every fad diet Under the Sun and you’ve probably seen some kind of results at least initially but over the long haul things always tend to backslide.
We tend not to stick with these things we tend to lose the results we got if we got any at all and
sooner or later we just feel really overwhelmed frustrated like “man I don’t I don’t have the time and on the mental bandwidth for this I have too much on my plate I guess I just have to accept where I’m at this is just who I am and I’m not meant to…” fill in X whatever that health and fitness goal is.
You know really that’s not the case people beat themselves up too much the problem is their approach I want to share a really interesting psychological study with you okay when they asked participants in the study to incorporate new habits into their day-to-day lifestyle they found if they incorporated just one habit at a
time they most the participant because the participants were able to do so successfully 85 percent of the time well if they ask these participants to incorporate just two new habits in their day-to-day lifestyle what do you think happened to their success rate plummeted plummeted down to about 35% only 35% could successfully implement two new habits well as you’d imagine they asked them to do a third have it integrate third habit in
your day-to-day lifestyle at the same time at that point less than 10% of the people can actually make it happen successfully!
This shouldn’t tip you off as to the big reason why most people fail to achieve their health and fitness
goals is we have an all-or-nothing mentality right we go on the boring restrictive fad diets we go all-out
workout two hours a day two times a day six days a week and we inevitably find that these all-or-nothing approaches are not only mentally and physically exhausting but they’re not sustainable with a day-to-day lifestyle especially if you have you know those things called a career a family, a life.
So what’s the solution that I’ve been able to successfully implement with my clients for the past 19 years well going back to that study we got a call there we incorporate healthy habits into the day to day lifestyle what in the time that’s all there is to it really and what is a healthy lifestyle if not really just about a handful of healthy habits that once they’re integrated into your life achieving your health and fitness goals become a foregone conclusion a side-effect pretty much right and it doesn’t require a lot of thought doesn’t require a lot
of hoopla doesn’t require an inordinate amount of time it doesn’t require a boring restrictive diet and people are
really happy.
What’s weird about this is on the surface not the most appealing approach right because we tend to get
really hyped up really excited about just like insane workouts getting ripped in ninety days yeah you’ve seen all the magazine headlines and all the products and things like that being hocked out there and it all sounds really cool really exciting but we all know where that ends up the ironic thing is is taking this seemingly slow and steady approach actually ends up working faster and most importantly it ends up working for good so forget the all or nothing approach I recommend that you get a professional on your side to hold you accountable and guide you through theĀ  integration of these healthy habits whether it be myself or somebody else and take it one habit at a time.
What you will find is in just six to eight weeks your lifestyle will be completely revamped and you won’t even really haveĀ  to think about it anymore and you are going to look and feel your best and most importantly again you’re gonna be able to sustain it for the long haul so that is the number one thing holding us back in this country is the all-or-nothing mentality okay it simply doesn’t work.
Take that approach I just shared with you and run with it I think it’ll make a massive massive difference in your life.