how’s going Paul Carrell here and in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you how to look and feel your best without having to eat a boring restrictive diet!
Now these days diets particularly fad diets are characterized by the things you cannot eat right vegans can’t eat meat or meat products right paleo people can’t eat grains or dairy you know uh you know the low-fat
keto crew can’t eat carbohydrates of any kind and the problem with this is it’s appealing at first right?
You’re like, okay cool I know exactly what I need to do to get the result that I want to get which is to have more energy look and feel great the problem is isn’t the execution right because if you can’t stick with something for the foreseeable future what good is it?
And that’s what happens with fad diets we embark on these journeys and we see some good initial results but then we get bored, man it’s like I need variety I need to enjoy myself I don’t want to go out to dinner and drinks with friends and stare at them enjoying you know the bread and the wine and stuff likeĀ  that be like I don’t know I can I can’t have that be a stick-in-the-mud.
You’re right so how on earth do you finally achieve your health and fitness goals without torturing yourself with a boring restrictive diet well here’s how you do okay real quick…
First the 90/10 rule that’s key you behave yourself ninety percent of the time and ten percent of the time you let yourself go off the reservation have fun okay date night dinner drink the friend’s vacations holidays fantastic those occasions are very few and far between once a week at the most.
So why not enjoy him you only live once right but here’s the thing a lot of people feel guilty about doing that because the rest of the time they know they’re not really eating healthy on a day to day basis but I’ll tell you what if you’re eating healthy on a day to day basis and you have a once a week cheat meal I feel no remorse or guilt at all!
Okay I go out I enjoy it I had a friends birthday this past weekend we ate a lot of meats and cheeses and went out to a couple of wineries and I have no qualms and I’m I didn’t gain weight I didn’t you know beat myself up I just jumped right back on my diet it’s Wednesday I’m behaving myself ninety percent of the time.
The big thing you have to remember the other thing is this is it’s all about staying within your caloric intake and it’s all about just eating clean Whole Foods again ninety percent of time right so if you’re not sure what your daily caloric intake looks like use a free app like My Fitness Pal track it for a week you know five to seven days no big deal.
You don’t have to do it indefinitely and figure out what a typical day looks like and figure out what your staple foods are providing for your diet calorically macronutrient carbs and fat you know and after you do for a week or two you should be able to eyeball those staple foods and stay within the ballpark of your allotted calories that’s gonna keep you in the most energized lean strong best place you can be.
It’s choosing single ingredient Whole Foods 90 percent of the time look everybody loves hamburgers and fries
everybody loves pizza everybody loves pasta you know people who are in shape aren’t superhuman or just have weird food preferences for only healthy stuff everybody likes that stuff it’s freaking delicious okay!
But it’s not gonna give you the energy you want it’s not gonna keep you lean it’s not gonna keep you strong it’s not what you can eat day in and day out that’s just the reality of it so single ingredient Whole Foods beef is
beef chickens chicken eggs or eggs rice is rice beans are beans, yams are yams you don’t have to read a
package right to see what’s in it you don’t have to look at a label to understand you know are the weird
additives and stuff like that single ingredient Whole Foods okay.
Whole Foods, pasteurized dairy not a whole food right kills all the benefit beneficial bacteria so that you can actually digest the stuff which is why a lot of people have have problems digesting dairy not a whole food that’s something taken away right or bred again not a single ingredient food right has to be processed you don’t want that.
Okay so single ingredient Whole Foods hit your calories hold it together 90 percent in time the other 10% of the time go nuts have fun and let me tell you’re gonna feel better you’re gonna look better and you’re gonna be able to enjoy oh this is fun you’re gonna be able to enjoy those nights out with friends or on a day and people and then this is what is gonna happen after you do this you hold this together for a couple of months and your friends see you for the first time in a while and they’re like oh my god you look great what are you doing!?
Then you go out and have dinner and drinks of them and they see you like enjoying the bread and
the pasta and the wine and all that other stuff right along with them but like you’re looking amazing and they’re
like what the hell you know what I mean and I know I know it’s kind of mean but it but it feels good when people are looking at you like how are you doing this right and then you can just show them this video and I’ll look like a genius alright so it’s a win-win!
Alright so I hope that’s helpful it again though all-or-nothing approach it just doesn’t work you don’t have to be
bored with how you eat just follow those three rules and you’re gold!