today I’m answering one of the most common questions I get from my more physique minded female clients.

“How do I build my glutes without getting huge quads?”

in other words, how do you lift and firm your butt without getting huge tree trunk thighs.

I’m glad you asked because it’s really simple…

you see, there are two primary types of lower body movements that work your glutes and other muscle groups of the legs.

-hip hinge movements like deadlifts, hip thrusters, and kettlebell swings

-knee dominate movements like squats and lunges

so the first secret is…

Secret #1: the secret to building awesome glutes without getting thick manly thighs is to do hip hinge exercises and knee dominate exercises at a 2:1 ration. In other words, your doing twice as much hip hinges-that work the glutes and hamstrings- than knee dominate exercises that tend to bulk your legs up if you do too many.

Secret #2: keep your knee dominate exercises heavy and low volume. What that means is you’ll want to use a heavy weight for squats-like 80%+ of your one rep max-and do only low rep sets of 3-5 reps. This low volume heavy load approach will give your legs the lean toned shapely look you want without excess bulk.

Secret #3: There is one all-important knee dominant exercise that will not only tone your legs without making them too bulky but work your glutes as good if not better than your hip hinge movements. That move is the reverse lunge. In other words, an alternating lunge where you stand in place and step backwords-not forwards-this movement works the whole leg but especially the glutes like crazy.

Over the years of training, physique minded women, including a few models here and there I’ve developed a 2 day per week “glute-centric” legs program that has created phenomenal results for my clients.

In fact, recently my client Savannah has put 2″ inches on her hip measurement-a.k.a. built some serious glutes-while keeping her thin firm feminine legs.

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To your health,
Paul Corral