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Want to burn fat? Do cardio right?


Recent scientific studies show that extended periods of cardio training a negligable effect on fat buring!

One study showed showed that poeple doing 3-50minute cardio sessions per week only burned 2 extra pounds of fat than a group on the same diet who did zero exercise!

This illistrates tewo key principles:

  1. The majority of fat loss will come from your diet
  2. 2. steady state cardio simply is not effective.

But thats not all! Theres a dark side to cardio!

When you engage in regular steady state cardio you inevitably burn through lean muscle, lowering your lean muscle mass and destroying your metabolism.

When you reduce lean muscle, your metabolism takes a dive and you have a harder and harder time burning fat and staying fit!

Not only that but due to the repetitive nature of cardio activities, your joints and back are going to take a pounding and the muscular imbalances developed through endless repetition will leave you with poor posture, aches pains and injuries you may have to live the rest of your life with!

This is why I don’t recommend steady state cardio to any of my boot camp or personal training clients here at Corral fitness!

So is there such thing as “good” cardio?


Again, scientific studies have shown that short workouts with short bouts of intense effort are far more effective at raising cardiovascular capacity and stamina than long steady boring bouts of traditional cardio.

Not only that but your workouts will take 1/2 to 1/3rd the time, mobilize more fat, build lean muscle, increase your metabolism and optimize hormones like HGH that keep you young!

So how do you perform this new type of Cardio?

Its pretty easy, try this:

-First do some light activity for about 5 minutes to warm up

-then launch into short intense efforts between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

-then take a short 1-2 minute rest between efforts to allow your heart rate to recover.

-repeat this process for 3-10 times depending on your fitness level and length of efforts.

Congratulations you’ve just performed your first high intensity interval workout!

This is the only type of cardio I use with my personal training and bootcamp clients at my studio in Ventura.

Most of my clients are ultra busy professionals who need to get in get out and get great results with very little time invested!

to Your Success,

Paul Corral

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