I wanted to write this short post about building stronger more toned arms.

yesterday after a 30 minute training session a client asked me “do you ever do bicep curls or triceps extensions for the arms in your workouts?”

I could tell my answer surprised her…

I said no.

That shouldn’t make sense right? if you want to have toned arms you have to work the muscles of the arms.

Yes, but what do you think will work your arms better?

curling or extending a pair of 10-15 pound dumbbells, or lifting your 60% of your body weight?

No question that lifting 60% of your body weight will build toned strong arms better than little bitty dumbbells.

That’s why push-ups and rows on trx bands are far superior to boring old dumbbell exercises.

Not only that but push-ups and rows work every major muscle in the upper body!

What that means is you build more functional strength, burn more calories and tone and shape the entire upper body!

The tip of the day I want to leave you with is this: use compound movements that use more resistance and work multiple muscle groups and joints instead of single muscle, single joint isolation movements.

You’ll get better faster results, period!

Hope that helps,

Paul Corral

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