how’s it going Paul Carrell here and in this video I’m gonna talk about how to overcome the absolutely incredible amount of seemingly conflicting information you are bombarded with all day every day
about how to be healthy how to be lean how to have more energy how to reach your health and fitness goals.
This is something I hear over and over again you know a lot of us here we get the glossy magazines we read the blogs we listen to the podcasts and we know our health and fitness is important for us we want all-day energy and mental focus we want to like what we see in the mirror we want to set a good example for
our kids we want to live a long time right and have a high quality of life while we do it but…
This is the information age after all we just get hit with this deluge of information from every possible angle and
all of it seems to contradict each other.
So how do we finally end the paralysis analysis? How do we rise above the hype and rise above the marketing and get down to what truly works so we can just get it off our plate and prioritize other things like family and
career, you know, the important stuff!
Well in this video I’m gonna give you just about four or five things you need to know to demystify everything okay I’m gonna give you principles that are based on biology not some BS marketing campaign so
that you can rise above it, do what actually works and leave all the time-consuming confusion and nonsense to somebody else.
let’s get in first and foremost the way you approach any health and fitness goal is the first thing you have to encounter and essentially all you’re doing is integrating healthy habits in your day to day lifestyle to the point where you no longer have to think about them anymore.
Getting into the kind of shape where you look and feel your best becomes an automatic side effect of how you live. How do you do that? One habit at a time.
it’s not about doing extreme workouts it’s not about spending an inordinate amount of time in the gym it’s not about adopting the latest restrictive boring fad diet it’s about sticking to the principles I’m about to teach you
incorporating them one at a time into your day to day lifestyle so you no longer have to think about them.
Rather than doing the all-or-nothing approach which works for a very short time then you burn out and you you know do that whole yo-yo thing just think of one healthy habit at a time which I’m about to share with you integrated into your lifestyle make sure you don’t even have to think about that anymore and then you move on to the next habit the next habit the next habit and what you’ll find is in a matter of just a couple weeks you’ve completely revamped your lifestyle you’re feeling better you’re looking better you’re reaching those health and fitness goals and it doesn’t feel like a huge pain that’s taking over your life.
Thats number one that’s that’s the one hinge that everything else swings on okay so let’s get into workout which workout should I do.
If I want to get lean or should I just do tons and tons of cardio you know oh I I heard high-intensity interval training is better should I lift weights I don’t know I don’t want to get bulky you know do i do powerlifting do I do CrossFit do i do circuit training what do I do?
well if you’re going into a gym with the express purpose of getting as lean and strong as you possibly can
and reaching those physique goals liking what you see in the mirror having more energy, bone density, lean muscle, living a long time and you want to do the most efficient thing meaning you’re not a fitness enthusiast you’re like dude I’m going in here to hit a goal and move on with my day by far and away scientifically proven the most efficient way to go about this is metabolic resistance training.
What is metabolic resistance raining you’re going to work the full body with resistance that can be body weight or externally loaded using weights right you’re gonna hit whole-body top to bottom in a super set or circuit like
fashion should take you about 30 minutes 30 minutes three days a week you add in a warm-up and a stretch you’re in and out in 40 to 45 minutes three days a week and again if you’re a fitnessĀ  enthusiast and you want to do more than that you can but again if you’re a busy professional who just wants to hit it quit it move on with your day again three times 45 minutes cardio doesn’t come close.
Cardio is actually a waste of time, hiit is a little bit better but still not as good all right and you know the magazine workouts the celebrity workouts the bodybuilding workouts they’re all too much they’re not gonna
be sustainable with a busy person’s lifestyle.
So metabolic resistance training as of right now is what the science proves is the most efficient way to go about it period end a story doesn’t matter what I know or anybody else says that’s just that’s the best information we have right now.
Okay so diet no other place is there more hype and BS around diet there’s so many different fad diets and
different rules and we’re vilifying fat you know for 20 years now we’re vilifying carbs for 20 years we vilified
meat for 20 you know eggs are good for you it’s bad for you it’s absolutely ridiculous there’s only two things you need to remember.
Number one, you have to eat within caloric intake very very simple download My Fitness Pal it’s free it’ll take you all about two to four minutes a day to log what you’re eating stay within your caloric limits you’ll get leaner you’ll build muscle you’ll look better you’ll have more energy that’s number one, everything hinges on calories.
Number two each single ingredient Whole Foods, beef is beef, chicken is chicken, eggs or eggs
rice is rice, yams or yams, if you have to read a label to see what’s in it not food. I don’t care if it says organic
I don’t care if it says vegetarian it bread has to be tampered with, pasta has to be tampered with single
ingredient Whole Foods.
You do those two things keep it within caloric limits single ingredient Whole Foods you cannot lose, high fat
a little card low-fat high-carb you know what I mean that this is the big debate right it doesn’t matter six meals a day two meals a day all this stuff is personal preference okay, you can experiment with it see what you feel best on see what gives you the most energy mental focus all that fun stuff at the end of the day all that stuff is an individual preference okay the two things you have to care about: single ingredient Whole Foods, hitting those calories that is it, That is it you can leave all the other hype and marketing behind okay.
so if you finally want to rise above it it’s those three things intergrading healthy habits in your day-to-day
lifestyle one at a time so you don’t have to think about it anymore.
okay reaching your fitness goals should be automatic result of how you live it shouldn’t be going on a diet or torturing yourself with a ridiculously long and arduous workout to MRT metabolic resistance training 3-30 to
45-minute sessions a week is all you need to do resistance training in a superset or circuit type fashion with
large compound movements that hit every muscle group in the body head to toe that is how it’s done it’s scientifically proven to be 44 percent more efficient than literally anything else okay especially boring cardio.
Three diet all about calories all about Whole Foods everything else is personal preference I hope that’s helpful thanks for watching.